Hello there!
You probably wanna know some facts about me, my blog or personal life :)

Let me start with the BLOG
I've named this blog nadja franco 
'cause nadja is my real name and franco was a mixture between my (real) last name and some adjectives who describe my blog and the topics I'm writing about.

I wanted to keep the name simple and "clean" and didn't want it to be hard to remember.

On www.nadja-franco.blogspot.com you will find these categories:
Lookbook, Youtube Videos, Places I visit and some [hopefully] helpful Reviews.

ABOUT MYSELF/ Personal life
I'm currently living and studying in Vienna.
Travelling certainly is on the top of my "To-do List".
There are lots of places/citys I would love to visit, so much different cultures and traditions that I personally think I have to see and experience myself!

Fashion/Clothes and Beauty-Products are fun to "play & experiment" with.
They are things I'm not obsessed with, but I really love talking about.

If you want me to review a product, write about certain topics, or simply want to chitchat
 please email me at:

Have a nice day!
Nadja Franco